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Researching your family tree can be fun and exciting but it can also become difficult and time consuming. This can take the fun and excitement out of your family research. When you feel you've reached these difficult times, you need a professional genealogist to get you past your brick walls. Utilizing both genetic and traditional genealogy to accomplish this, you can get that excitement back at reasonable hourly rates.

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Determination of Heirship Research

At Family Genetics Research, I also provide Determination of Heirship research, using Traditional, Forensic and Genetic Genealogy.

My mission is to assist the attorney ad litem in an heirship proceeding to establish kinship for crucial legal purposes during the probate process.

To learn more about how I can assist you in the Determination of Heirship research, please click below to send me a short message. I'm here to unravel the intricate web of family connections and ensure that legal matters are resolved with clarity and precision.

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